Business Marketing Tips – Retail should pay commission

Whenever I shop and someone says ‘no worries, I am not on commission’, I think about leaving. Consumers complain about pressure from commission-based sales people and they have a point. A good sales person informs but does not pressure. But, someone on commission has far more incentive to find what I really want.

I noticed recently that non-commissioned retail staff tend to stand around and not do much. They can show you where the cash register is but ask a hard question and good luck. Commission-based people will go out of their way to find something or help source it online. There is a spiff for them if they are successful.

And, despite what you may think, commission-based staff won’t try to sell you something that is bad for you. They know you can return it and their commission will be reversed.

Retail stores have been closing because of e-commerce. They might do better if their staff were incentivized. If there is something extra in it for them, they’ll find what’s in it for every shopper.

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-Al Pervin, consultant and marketing strategist