Etiquette Tip of the Week: Employee of the Year
By Callista Gould, Author and Certified Etiquette Instructor

I was giving Professionalism training at a bank last week. When I was reading the online reviews for this bank, I came across this gem from only three months ago:

“Went to the bank and got a flat tire in the lot. Employee helped me put on my spare tire right away.”

Best. Bank. Ever. Think back to the last time you had a flat tire or any problem that hindered your car’s forward progress. It’s so frustrating. As a result of a quick-thinking employee, this bank has made a customer for life.

Reading online reviews of banks across the U.S., the number one word that comes up in positive reviews, is “friendly.”

“Very friendly staff.”
“Friendly, professional, very thorough.”
“So friendly and knowledgeable.”

No one writes reviews about a bank that say, “Love their 5-year CD rates,” or “This bank’s hours are fantastic!” It’s all about the people and how they make them feel.

It’s amazing when you think how much a single employee can affect if a customer stays… or goes. Can you think of an episode where the bad actions of an employee made you swear you would never darken the door of that business again? What would have happened to the customer with the flat tire, if instead of helping, employees at the bank piled up in the drive- through window just to watch?

As I often say, as much as we need technology and its instant advantages, we still have not evolved past the need for each other – in person. Sometimes that little bit of personal attention in the client relationship makes all the difference.

Make this the week you go all-out for a client. And if you have a good story about someone who went over-the-top for you as a customer, let me know.

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