Business Marketing Tips – Different types of advertising

Businesses tend to make 2 mistakes when they advertise. First, they don’t differentiate between branding and call-to-action. Many ads don’t contain specific offers but the business that placed the ad is expecting instant response. You can’t have it both ways. If you brand, the response is gradual. If there is a strong CTA, the response can be immediate, if your offer is right.

The second issue is branding itself. Over the past decade, especially with the growth of digital, businesses have begun to focus exclusively on response. ‘If I pay X$, how much will I sell from that this week?” We can’t blame a business for expecting a return on their investment. But CTAs don’t generally grow a business. Branding does. If consumers don’t know who you are, they are far less likely to accept your offer. Branding is the basis of all advertising. If all you become is an offer, someone else can trump your offer. But if people respect your business, they will always have many reasons to shop with you.

Advice. Build your brand. Use CTAs as tactics from time to time. An example is an end-of-season sale. Consumers expect discounts at those times, so you aren’t cheapening your brand. But constant sales that are solely there to move product quickly, may not be good for your brand.

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-Al Pervin, consultant and marketing strategist