Business Marketing Tips – What does a customer really want?

It’s not just about the money. Generally, shoppers can get what you sell somewhere else, probably cheaper. They might buy it online, at a big box store, or the place down the street. They won’t let themselves be gouged, but many shoppers will pay a bit more if they can get what they really want. So, what do they really want?

Every shopper is different. I hate pressure and hassles. I know the difference between being pushed or being provided with options. I understand the term ‘upsell’. It’s really a matter of how it’s done. Here is my big thing of the day. I get coffee at a drive thru. I order the same thing every time. I even say ‘that’s it, thank you’. And they still ask if I want a ___ with that? I don’t. I never do. And they would know that if they took the time to install a camera that reads my license plate. It bugs me. I go there less.

Another one – I shop for computers at a major retailer. You know them. But whenever I want to buy something, they don’t have it in stock. They are becoming a pickup place for their online store. So now, they are my first stop. My last stop is another chain that usually does have stock.

Shoppers all buy the same things, but we each buy those things differently. When a business takes the time to understand the real reason a purchase is made, they’ll get more purchases. Consider using this question after a purchase is made. “Thank you for shopper here. We ask all of our shoppers why they chose our store over others. May I ask you?”

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-Al Pervin, consultant and marketing strategist