Etiquette Tip of the Week: If You Want It
By Callista Gould, Author and Certified Etiquette Instructor

Think back to something you wanted badly in your childhood. Something you would have done anything to get: a new bike, a video game, pricy shoes, a dog, cat or even a guinea pig.

You pleaded and entreated.

I’ll never fight with my siblings again. I’ll keep my room clean forever and eat everything on my plate. I’ll get all A’s. I’ll clean up after it – you won’t have to do a thing.

Maybe you got what you wanted. Maybe you didn’t.

Why not put the same passion into your career? What is it that you want? To land a good job? Get a new client? Leadership responsibilities? A new bike?

If you want it, go after it.

When college students ask, “Do I still have to write a thank you note after an interview?” My answer is, “You don’t have to do anything. But if you want the job, you will write that thank you.” When I interviewed for Manager of Public Relations at Amana Appliances, I returned to the company five times to interview with 12 or 13 different people. Each one received an individualized, typed thank you note from me. If you want a new client or to improve your client relationships, be attentive to them. It’s like those dental health posters in the third-grade, “Ignore your teeth and they will go away.” The same is true for clients.

Do you want leadership responsibilities? Work hard, show initiative, mentor others and most importantly, ask for it. If you wait for the position to be offered, management might think you’re not interested. Want a new bike? Earn it. Be passionate in your pursuit. It’s not a high bar to be chosen over those asking, “Do I still need to write a thank you note?”

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