Business Marketing Tips – Email databases

Many businesses have focused more on social sharing techniques and less on traditional email databases. While social remains valid, it is clear that Facebook is waning. Privacy concerns are a big bump on the road for social media. Many consumers no longer trust brands in a social context.

The move away from social means that email databasing is set to grow again. And that’s a good thing. First, it has always been hard to prove that social energy converts into cash register dollars. Second, email marketing, when done right, is exceptionally effective. Consumers agree to receive email information for a reason – they have an interest in the specific product.

Your business should reinvigorate your email database. Decide what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. Your products and services may encourage someone to sign up for your e-newsletter but sizzle also helps. Regular prizes can build a database. Most importantly, create enough fields so that you can deliver truly targeted messages to your loyal customers. Costume jewelry isn’t the same as expensive diamonds. Those different consumers need different messages. Spend some time on your master plan. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to email newsletters. The right message to the right person = success.

Email Al:

-Al Pervin, marketing strategist