Etiquette Tip of the Week: Thank Them Before You Need Them 
By Callista Gould, Author and Certified Etiquette Instructor

It’s time for the Etiquette Tip of the Week Valentine’s Day tradition – to honor and cherish the ones who are nearest and dearest to us. The ones who make our day a little bit more special and who we can’t imagine our lives without.

No, I’m not talking about our significant others. I’m talking about the IT Department.

Who has seen us at our worst but still put us first? It’s the men and women of the IT Department, who magically restore our computers, make our laptops and iPads talk to the video equipment in the auditorium and somehow get that wifi-thingy to link us to the rest of the connected world.

Where would we be without them? Completely despondent in an empty conference room, downing leftover donuts from the morning Marketing meeting. (The same can’t be said for the Sales meeting. They leave nothing behind.)

When we are calling on the IT department, we are often frustrated and stressed out. It’s important not to transfer our stress to people trying to help us. Instead, try a kind word of appreciation for the time spent on your digital dilemma, no matter what the outcome. I once had a laptop with smoke coming out of it. Despite the valiant resuscitation efforts of the tech-spert, it didn’t end well.

This Valentine’s week, show a little love for your IT Department. Buy them some donuts or bagels. Order in some pizzas or sandwiches. Send them a note of appreciation for all their hard work the rest of the year. If you can’t find the words to express yourself, just forward this Etiquette Tip of the Week.

Thank you, IT Department, for making us all look like we know what we’re doing.

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