Business Marketing Tips – Calendar Event marketing

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…and so on. Do you get tired of one more calendar-related sale? Don’t, because event marketing is a good idea:

Tying calendar events to your marketing cycle freshens your program. What’s really boring is when a business is same-old. Even if it’s a small new twist on Mother’s Day shopping, it gives you something to push. It gives shoppers something to think about.

When you recognize a calendar event, you are showing you care what shoppers are thinking. Maybe you own a hardware store and most shoppers are men. You can bet they are thinking about what to get Mom if Mother’s Day is coming. There are a lot of products for Moms in a hardware store. If you can highlight those, your male shopper has one less trip to make. You land one more sale.

Calendar events are ‘hooks’. Black Friday has redefined the holiday shopping season. The term Black Friday may not truly reflect the glee people feel when they get a deal. But it’s a hook-term. People say it without thinking of any true meaning. It’s a shopping hook.

Local works. If your community has a big parade in the summer, work your marketing around it. Homecoming weekend can mean big dollars because people may have a need for certain products and services but also just because it’s there.

Life is very complex. Shoppers need simple ‘hooks’ to capture their attention, and the attention of their wallets. Review your marketing calendar. Sharpe your focus. Learn to love the ‘hooks’.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist