Business Marketing Tips – Marketing in the new year

Amazon isn’t going anywhere so the first thing to do in 2019 is develop even more reasons for consumers to buy from you instead of Amazon. Answer basic questions such as why does someone go to a store to shop? Why do they come to my store? How could I address those reasons better?

After about 20 years, I just ditched the oil change place I was so happy with. Why? Because lines were getting longer AND they only had 2 of their 3 bays open. They weren’t working hard enough for my business. Sometimes things are simple. That’s how you should think – in simple ways and from the perspective of a consumer.

I am angry with a computer manufacturer. I bought a computer recently and because I browsed the website of this world brand, my screen was loaded with their retargeting ads. I couldn’t do anything without seeing those ads. I didn’t like it. I went to a local store and purchased a different brand. No retargeting ads.

My auto insurance company didn’t handle my claim right. So I told my agent not to automatically renew them at the end of the term. What goes around comes around. On the other hand, the company that actually repaired my car told me to come get it one day early. Their mistake. They apologized and gave me a nice restaurant coupon. I’ll go back because while anyone can mess up, the good companies make it right.

So, in 2019, go back to basics. How can you serve your customers even better? When you decide that, tell them about it.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist