Business Marketing Tips – Pitfalls of social media

Social media offers tremendous potential to advertisers but there are many pitfalls. The cost of acquisition is very high. How much will you pay to generate a click to your website? How many of those clicks turn into dollars?

Many social marketers agree that most posts should be educational and entertaining, without asking for the order. You then mix in a minority of posts that actually encourage a purchase. In a sense, you pay to entertain people, not sell them. Costly.

But the real issue with social marketing is creating content. Where do you find a good writer who can fuse your ideas with interesting information from your industry? If you do a post a day, content creation costs add up. Simply hammering offers doesn’t work. You can’t avoid content creation costs.

So far we are discussing organic content. Add considerable dollars to buy social media ads or keywords.

Remember: Social media doesn’t replace other media. Radio is the #1 reach medium, delivering more people than social marketing. Broadcast television is still exceptionally popular. Outdoor continues to create unique awareness. In fact, the best way to get bang for your social dollar is to mix social spending with other media. If your business is truly top of mind, your social will work better.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist