Business Tips – Can your employees speak well?

I have been in media since 1965. I once worked for a very smart company and had to call headquarters every so often to speak with a senior manager. I loved it when the corporate receptionist answered the phone. She was smart. She could find anyone. Her voice was soothing. You felt like home and you weren’t even there.  She could speak well. Can your staff?

A business owner needs to control their message and that includes the way that message is delivered. Starbucks’ baristas have a certain style. They seem like they are happy to see me. Why else would I pay double for a coffee? Best Buy generally makes me believe their staff understands their products and is committed to finding the one that would work best for me. Banks make me think their tellers are smart about money.

How do your employees deliver your message?

I recommend you have weekly speaking classes with your team. It’s not a question of where they came from or where they went to school. It’s a question of them representing you as best they can. They need to take the time to make themselves understood by a customer in a way that works for your message. If they speak in a manner the customer expects, your will win. Call it ‘talk the walk’. I am not going to spend a whole load of cash on your products if I can’t find a store associate who can articulate the value of those products. Sometimes that means pronouncing words well.

If you have young workers, ask them if they took drama in high school. If they did, they can ‘act’ for you.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist