Business Tips – Try podcasting

Podcasting is catching on. People love to listen to compelling content at a time that suits them. Click and listen. Simple. But the content has to have meaning. It has to be relevant to a listener and it has to story-tell.

So what story would you tell? Let’s say you sell furniture. Your story would be about fashion. You would talk about the latest sofas and describe why they are so hot this year. Talk about fabric, material, color, origin of the designer/vendor, and especially the benefits to the consumer.

Resist the huge to include sale pricing in podcasting. Listeners seek interesting ideas, not sales hype.

Who should do podcasting? Everybody. A hardware store is very interesting to someone who needs to learn how and why to change the furnace filter. An auto dealership may be price/inventive but in a podcast, talk about the excitement – hot cars, electronic vehicles, new designs.

Learn how to speak. Its not hard. Listen to radio; take some public speaking courses; record yourself in tests. Most people have voices that others would listen to. Just practice to speak at a good peace and with meaning (not reading). Talk to 1 person when you record your bit – spouse, a child, parent, someone you know. When you speak one-on-one, you will speak properly on a podcast. If you ‘announce’ or ‘read’, it wont work. Learn to love audio. It’s a powerful and personal medium.

Promote your podcast. You have ads on the radio? Mention where to find your podcast. Use social media. You may be more interesting than you think!

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist