Business Tips – Where is today’s consumer?

Are you confused by all the marketing and advertising options available to you? Do you cringe at the thought of spending money to grow your business because you don’t know what works?

Let’s go back to basics. Where is today’s consumer?

  1. They are in the car. It is likely the radio is on. The passengers may be texting and surfing but the radio is on. One of the surprises in recent years is the enduring strength of regular radio.
  2. They are on their phone. It gets a little tricky because they can do lots of things on their phone but they are there. Social media, searching, texting.
  3. They watch TV and YouTube. People love video because it moves and can tell a unique story.

Potential consumers are everywhere but if you have to keep it simple, I would work on the 3 locations above. What type of marketing or advertising campaigns would work on each? Some tips: Whatever you spend, make sure it is enough for each one before adding another. A little does not go a long way. Own your campaign. If using more than one medium, have them complement each other.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist