Business Tips – Is Branding Worth It?

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. Businesses are looking for online ordering, click-throughs and measurable lead generation. Traditional brand advertising is sometimes forgotten. That’s a mistake.

Conversion is about turning shoppers into purchasers. Those purchasers are far more likely to buy something from a brand they trust. Whatever your offer may be, you will get proportionately more purchases if people know you and trust you. That was true for the traditional Yellow Pages and it’s equally true for Google and social media marketing.

Let’s say you have a choice of buying an airline ticket from Delta or an airline whose name doesn’t ring a bell. You’ll probably spend the extra $30 on Delta. Apple is probably the best example of the value of building a brand. There are cheaper phones and there may be phones that are more up to date technologically, but an iPhone is an iPhone and a lot of people want them. When you’ve got water in your basement, do you call a name you know or someone cheap working out of a truck? Get the point?

Your brand is your asset. Build your asset. Your offers will get much better response. Next week, we’ll provide tips about creating a brand image that makes sense to consumers.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist