Business Tips – Online Shopping

Most people realize there is a price to online shopping – the disappearance of many local stores. Consumers will have less opportunity to touch a product before buying it. Even online shoppers like to do that, before they make their purchase online!

So how should a local business react to online shopping? The response is similar to what local businesses did when big box stores first opened – determine what you can win with.

  • Online shoppers can’t hold a product. In-store shoppers can.
  • Online shoppers don’t get their purchase right away. In-store shoppers do.
  • Online shoppers may not get personal advice. In-store shoppers do.
  • Online shoppers face risk – some online stores are not good at complaints and returns. In-store shoppers have someone to talk to.
  • Online shoppers face risk (2) – using a credit card online may not be as secure as people would like.
  • Online shoppers don’t know the seller. In-store shoppers are more likely to build a personal relationship with you.

Here is something else to think about. Local stores and services have to get their advertising right. Radio frequency, social media consistency, direct mail that makes sense, and websites that generate leads are all critical to your success. You need to pull people into your store, right? Your ad campaigns do that and they level the playing field with larger competitors.


-Al Pervin, marketing strategist